5 Questions You May be Afraid to Ask Your Family Physician

You’re not alone if you feel embarrassed or uncomfortable asking certain questions to a family physician. Certain questions may seem a little too personal or awkward to bring up while others may seem unimportant and not really worth their doctor’s time.

But that’s what a family practice doctor is there for, to answer your health questions! Family physicians, such as the ones at Callahan Clinic in St. George, UT, evaluate patients holistically. They are trained to look at all your body’s systems to help you live a better life every day. If a recurring or new condition is making you worried, our doctors are prepared to find the root cause of the problem in your interconnected systems to come up with a personalized treatment plan or refer you to a specialized provider.

From our experience at our family practice clinic, we’ve noticed a few questions many patients are hesitant to ask, but which you should definitely bring up with your family practice doctor if such conditions affect you.

1. Why am I feeling bloated and gassy so much?

For most patients, a more than normal amount of gas isn’t generally a cause for concern, but it never hurts to ask. Certain foods high in fiber may upset your stomach and cause more bloating than others. Our physicians can help recommend alternative foods or probiotics that can help reduce extreme bloating.

2. What should I do if I’m constipated?

Bloating may also be connected to symptoms of constipation, a common condition that can develop as patients get older. We may recommend an exercise plan to get you moving throughout the day along with more water and fiber in your diet to help with constipation. In some cases, certain medications may aggravate symptoms of constipation, which we can help you identify and address.

3. Can you recommend anything to help with excessive sweating?

We all naturally sweat to cool our bodies down, but many individuals sweat a great deal more than others. Family physicians can help there too! If over-the-counter antiperspirants don’t provide relief, a patient’s excessive sweating may be related to another issue or may just need a stronger, prescribed antiperspirant to do the trick.

4. What should I do to lose weight?

Weight can be a sensitive subject for individuals. But losing weight isn’t something you have to do on your own, in fact it shouldn’t be! If you’re struggling to maintain a healthy weight, mention your concerns to your family practice doctor. Looking at your entire body, family physicians at Callahan Clinic, for example, can help you come up with a healthy weight loss plan that factors in diet, exercise, and other lifestyle changes specific to your needs.

Should you experience sudden weight changes, either rapid weight gain or weight loss, discuss it with your doctor as soon as possible. Both conditions may be connected to outlying and sometimes serious health concerns.

5. Why do my feet stink?

Foot odor often can be resolved with simple solutions. Generally, the cause of smelly feet goes back to excessive sweating in the feet which may lead to the growth of foul-smelling bacteria if feet are left in socks and closed-toe shoes too long. Breathable shoes that allow for more airflow can help here, as can absorbent socks, and washing feet regularly. When foot odor persists, a family care physician can look at other options by identifying the root of the problem.

Ask Away!

What we hope to get across to patients is that some of the questions that are the most difficult or awkward to ask are the ones that need asking. And what better place to ask them than at family practice clinic?

Our family physicians hope to create a welcoming environment at our family clinic where you know that every question is welcomed and will receive the attention it needs. Some answers may require additional testing or a referral to a specialist for that particular system, which we can provide.

We’ve only just scratched the surface here with uncomfortable questions you may be hesitant to ask. However, doctors at Callahan Clinic are happy to answer any questions, big or small, awkward or embarrassing. Let’s help you feel confident and healthy! Contact us in St. George, UT to schedule an appointment today (we also offer walk-in appointments with our same-day doctors).


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