Available Healthcare Provided by Our Family Physicians in St. George, UT

Visit Callahan Clinic for a number of healthcare treatments and checkups for your entire family. We make finding the care you need simple at our friendly family practice. Come get your flu shots while conveniently meeting with one of our doctors about another medical question or concern. Or come for a preventative wellness exam while another family member receives care for a chronic condition. It all can be done here at Callahan Clinic!

With almost 40 years of service to our name, our office is one of the longest-running family practices in St. George, UT. We believe in providing patients with more complete and individualized care so that they may live their lives to the fullest.

Some of the services provided by our family practice doctors include:

Vaccinations & Child Immunizations

Bring everyone in to receive annual flu shots and other immunizations. Talk with our family physicians about when to receive additional vaccinations for adults.

Preventative Wellness Exams

We offer wellness exams specific for children and adults to check for any medical conditions through screenings, lab work, etc. These exams can help us diagnose any conditions early on to treat them quickly or get them under control sooner.

Diabetes Care

With the right care, patients with diabetes can manage symptoms well and live a fuller life. We help patients make lifestyle changes and create habits that allow them to thrive with this chronic condition.

Mental Health Services

For patients with depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders, our family practice physicians help you manage your specific symptoms and prescribe any medication or care specific for your needs.

Flu and Strep Throat Treatments

Find relief sooner for a bad case of the flu, strep throat, or cold. Young children experiencing vomiting, a high fever, and other severe flu symptoms may require prescribed antibiotics to avoid dangerous after effects.

High Cholesterol and Hypertension Healthcare

Left alone, high cholesterol and hypertension can lead to further complications. Talk with our family practice doctors about creating a personalized diet and exercise plan that will help reduce symptoms and your risk of stroke, heart disease, or a heart attack.

Same-Day Urgent Care

Some health issues can’t wait for an appointment. In these situations, same-day doctors at Callahan Clinic can see you sooner for smaller bone fractures or sprains, allergic reactions, and other symptoms that require immediate attention.

Comprehensive Care for Patients of All Ages

In many cases, focusing treatment within a single system doesn’t address or resolve all the symptoms a patient may be experiencing. A holistic approach, like the one offered at Callahan Clinic’s family practice, attends to conditions throughout the body. Consider us your one-stop clinic with the comprehensive healthcare services you need to live well.

We are proud to be a local Medicare clinic in St. George with available same-day and urgent care appointments. We also accept most major insurances and offer affordable service for all. Our goal is to provide more patients in Southern Utah with the high standard of care they deserve from experienced family practice physicians.

Get in touch with us today to schedule your appointment with our doctors, or stop by for same-day urgent care. We look forward to serving you and your family!